Strategic Partnership for 5G Network Deployment

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Shields, Infosys and HERE Technologies have come together in a three-way collaboration to develop new and more effective ways to perform 5G network design. By combining high precision, highly scalable cloud-based network planning geo data with machine learning, the companies aim to reduce the time and cost of deploying and maintaining 5G networks. Their new solution, demonstrated at Mobile World Congress 2019, is designed to enable the following benefits:

• Increased efficiency in the mmWave RF planning process by providing highly accurate real-world GIS information
• Greater accuracy in network planning, taking the guesswork out of transmitter selection and placement
• Higher confidence in decision-making in the RF planning stage
• Lower costs through a reduction in the number and length of physical site surveys

Shields focuses on the design and roll-out of Centralized-Radio Access Network (C-RAN) and 5G infrastructure. Its expertise in RF and C-RAN design will be instrumental in building full suites of services to support telecommunication companies and other enterprises in their journey to deploy 5G.

Infosys has in-depth knowledge of the AI/ML and services delivery model to support Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) and other enterprises deploying communication networks in achieving quick time to market.

HERE Technologies has performed groundbreaking work in the fields of 3D mapping and developed LiDAR and other remote sensed imagery derivatives, to provide richly attributed datasets in high resolution.

Value to the End Customer

This partnership supports efficient, cost-effective 5G RF design. The companies estimate that their new solution would enable enterprises to reduce the time to identify real estate acquisition for 5G small cells, as well as cut the cost of RF design by more than 40%. Network design tasks are expected to be completed in just a few days, supporting efficient long-term planning for both CAPEX/OPEX to upgrade/change/expand and address the increased capacity demand. The solution builds an accurate representation of reality in a 3D-model, based on scalable 3D datasets derived from terrestrial LiDAR and other remote sensed content from HERE Technologies. This brings a new level of accuracy and detail of street level objects that is not currently provided by traditional GIS-data.

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“We are very excited to bring a new solution to the RF planning space together with HERE & Infosys, who have been instrumental in making our shared vision a reality.”
- Gerrit van Dijken, Shields CTO

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