Shields Equipment, Services and Software

We are an international organization with operations in EMEA and North America. Each of our facilities are certified to one or more of the following: ISO9001, TL9000, ISO14001, ISO27001, R2 or OHSAS18001. We have 40 years of experience in delivering whole life cycle managed services to the telecommunications sector. We develop and implement solutions that reduce costs, improve returns, develop more efficient processes and ensure the highest standards of environmental care.

Customer challenges and requirements  


  • High volumes of unused and/or obsolete stock hidden for management
  • High costs for Spare Parts Management and/or repair services
  • Where to buy used equipment for the lowest prices
  • How to create maximum value out of redundant stock


  • Maximum revenue from surplus/SWAP stock
  • OPEX reduction via repair avoidance and spare parts management specially in the legacy environment
  • CAPEX reduction by combining new and used equipment in the network with guaranteed support quality so SLA’s are still met
  • Simple tools that provide visibility into owned & market assets which provide the data to make better purchasing decisions


Shields Solutions Overview

Spare Parts Management

  • Spare Parts Consultancy
  • Repair flow Enhancement
  • Global Stock Transfer 
  • Testing & NFF Services
  • Asset Financing Services
  • Asset Management
  • Mobile Cell-Sites
  • Warehousing & Logistics
  • Spare parts/Consumables Sourcing
  • Vendor & Delivery Management

Asset Management

  • Deinstallation & Transportation
  • Inventory Management, Warehousing and Logistics
  • Redeployment
  • Test, Repair and Spare Parts Management
  • Global Remarketing and Resale of Telecoms network equipment
  • Safe and Secure Recycling
  • Full Financial and Environmental reporting
  • Software Portal for Stock Visibility

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  • State-of-the art real-time Asset Management and eCommerce platform 

Search Marketplace

On-Site Engineering

  • Engineer Furnish & Install
    • Central Office / Switch
    • CRAN 
    • DAS Head-End 
    • Fiber
  • 5G Network Design
  • Deinstallation service
  • Site Cleanup service 
  • Battery Maintenance & Monitoring service
  • External Alarms retrofit service
  • DC Power service
  • Site Access/Clearance service
  • Preventive and Corrective Maintenance Site Facility service
  • Audits & Quality Assurance service
  • Recruitment service

Off-Site Engineering

  • Troubleshooting/Testing & No Fault Found services
  • Kitting & Staging
  • Upgrade & Configuration Service
  • TSS Remote/On-Site Support

Forward & Reverse Logistics

  • Asset Management Services
  • Warehousing & Logistics
  • Spare parts/Consumables Sourcing
  • Testing & No Fault Found Services

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Why Shields and References

Why Shields

Our services are designed to reuse as much of your own equipment as possible, resell equipment you don’t need, repair your faulty equipment when more cost effective than exchange, and easily RMA those under warranty with OEMs.

>$600m savings to our operator customers by buying refurbished equipment instead of new and  >$400m returned to our operator customers by reselling & recycling their unused equipment.

Some of our References:

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